Introducing…. Me

This is the part of my very first post where I’m supposed to (according to all the experts) tell you all about me. I’m a grandma, I’m twisted. Just like the name says. Do I need to expound? I think not.

Nobody wants me to blabber on and on about how awesome my kids and grandkids are, so I won’t do that. But did you notice how I did the my kids and grandkids are awesome thing without being overt about it? I’m just clever that way.

This blog was created in the hopes that there are other weird and slightly twisted grandparents out there that may benefit from my trial and error approach to grandparenting. I have an array of situations in that department. As of today, September 27, 2019, my oldest grandson is 22. He was married 2 years ago to the cutest thing on earth. They are expecting their first child in March. Which means my son is going to be a grandfather. Whoda thunk? My oldest granddaughter is 14 and has decided that she is entitled to a boyfriend. Let’s ask her dad if that’s a good idea, why don’t we. She is, without a doubt, the bee’s knees. Next granddaughter is Miss Independence at 12. Little cheerleader & pageant winner who could not give any less fucks if you paid her to. She’s probably the most real human I’ve ever met. They all live more miles away than is possible to frequently visit, which breaks my heart. The youngest two live at my house with their mom & dad. Mom is just beginning her scholastic endeavour towards her doctorate. Little man is 7. He’s an avid hockey player and A-B student at his Charter school. Little Miss is 15 months old, went from walking to running in no time and repeats everything you say with no filter.

Welcome to my world.

I’m very much into the kids, but have more than that that I want to share. You will see here:

  • Reviews on products geared towards people my age.
  • Recipes of all sorts. Kid friendly, monthly meal plans and traditional Italian.(because I am)
  • How I deal with shit.
  • my fam.
  • Random musings, observations or opinions.